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From John James Audubon to Teddy Roosevelt to Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket, and countless others, America has a long, distinguished history of connecting with nature through hunting and fishing. Each year, tens of millions of sportsmen and women are drawn to our national wildlife refuges and other state and federal conservation lands and waters to test their skills and revel in the outdoors.

Discover Nature S is designed to help orient hunters and anglers in their search for quarry, while ensuring they’re clear on local regulations, know where to find blinds, and are correctly identifying waterfowl, upland game and fish species. Importantly, our app allows administrators to communicate real-time with users about closures, hazards and opportunities.

Here’s a full list of the innovative features you’ll find inside Discover Nature’s Sportsmen platform:

  • Hunting areas are viewable on one map, and filterable by regulations and opportunities
  • Users can see their location in relation to boundaries (which will appear regardless of cellular connectivity), allowing them to know when they’re in the appropriate locations for hunting or fishing
  • GPS-tagged blind locations on maps allow hunters to know where they are in relation to their current position
  • Administrators can send out alerts to app users regarding closures, hazards & changes
  • Species of interest - with helpful tips/information about each - can be included in the information pages.
  • Users can share photos and sightings with one another within the platform, and will be able to identify birds through a searchable list.

Discover Nature S app modules will accompany those from other sites within the app platform. Over time, the app will include hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the country.

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