Discover Nature (Game)

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Discover Nature’s on-site scavenger-hunt style game makes learning about the natural world even more fun! Intended for a one to two-hour wildlife drive or trail hike, GPS-tagged game clues are delivered when users reach the designated point on the map. Clue sets are engaging, informative and most importantly, entertaining for all ages!

Here’s a full list of the innovative features you’ll find inside Discover Nature’s Game platform:

  • Scavenger-hunt style game that directs users to map-positioned points where they’re challenged to solve entertaining – and informative - game clues.
  • “About” pages provide detailed information relating to a site’s background, wildlife, plants and habitat, safety, viewing tips, conservation strategies and hours and contact details.
  • Users can post GPS-tagged sightings and photos, allowing them to share up-to-the-moment information on what they’re seeing and where.
  • Fun Facts capture superlative information about a site, it’s wildlife and history.
  • The “Nationwide Sightings” feed lets users share their sightings with all other Discover Nature App users, regardless of their location.
  • A “My Passport” section stores a user’s game scores and sightings, while retaining their bird list. In addition, people can earn virtual “Blue Goose Passport” stamps for every national wildlife refuge they visit.
  • The “Local Resources” section allows clients to highlight available lodging, restaurants, services, partners and other local service providers.

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